• 5 Easy Ways to Renew Your Vehicle Registration

5 Easy Ways to Renew Your Vehicle Registration

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Getting your vehicle registered with the California DMV is a mandate which is something that you must consider very seriously. Aren’t you a responsible resident of this exceptional state? Then you must ensure that you religiously comply with all of the established rules and regulations. For a few people, remembering when their vehicle registration renewal is due could be a bit difficult. That is the reason why in California, things are made simpler by delivering notices. The notices that are being sent out by them contain the following pieces of information. 

  1. The information about your vehicle  
  1. The specific date on which the tag expires 
  1. The fee that you need to pay 
  1. The emissions requirements that you must adhere to
  1. The late fees 

After you receive this notice, you must decide which method of renewal will be the most appropriate for you. Are you aware of the fact that the DMV registration renewal offers and allows five easy ways for renewing the registration of your car vehicle? Unfortunately, most people are not! And that is the reason, why they end up paying a hefty penalty. 

We all lead a very hectic life. The Covid-19 pandemic has made things worse, particularly in the US, where venturing out could be risky when things can be accomplished from the comfort zone of your home itself.  It is quite understandable that it may not always be feasible to physically visit a field office. That is why a few alternative ways are offered as well to renew car registration at your convenience. 

Visiting in Person to Renew the Car Registration 

Well, if you don’t wish to take any risks and would rather pay a visit in person for renewing your registration, you will face no issues. Let us find out about the procedures you may follow about renewing the registration in person at your local DMV. 

  • At the very outset, the first thing you will require is the renewal notice received by you  
  • Your driver’s license issued in California  
  • Prove that all the applicable delinquent fees have been cleared and there is no due 
  • Pay the fees that you owe  

Renewal by Mail  

Probably, the simplest process is to send in your renewal notice along with the requisite payment. Your relevant registration card and sticker of yours will arrive in the mail shortly after. 

Renewal by Self-Service terminal (SST)  

If you prefer a self-service terminal, then it lets you finish the registration process with the help of touchscreen technology and instantly hands out your registration card and sticker. It’s a fast and easy process. From your end, you can check the list of locations to ensure that an SST is available at your local office. 

Telephonic Renewal  

For car registration renewal by phone, all you have to do is dial DMV’s Automated Telephone Service, which is 1-800-777-0133. If you are prompted, you will have to furnish your details, such as the renewal identification number (RIN) found on your renewal notice, your license plate number, and the last five digits of your VIN, which happens to be the vehicle identification number.

Online Renewal  

This happens to be the commonest process, during these challenging times when a pandemic has gripped the entire global population. Once you are entitled to renew online; you only require the last 5 digits of your VIN and your license plate number.  

Remember that in case, if you have bought your car in California recently, or just shifted here from another state, you need to opt for your vehicle registration renewal in the state with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for being able to run your car legitimately.  


So, there are five different ways by which you can renew your vehicle registration. It isn’t rocket science to comprehend the registration renewal process. All you need to do for the renewal of your car registration annually is get it done from any of the best insurance companies for autos. The DMV is expected to mail you a renewal notice before the expiry of your registration. This notice will mention all your renewal options including renewal in person, by mail, by phone, or online. The choice is all yours. You need to take the crucial call about your preferred way to renew your vehicle registration. Don’t delay it and get penalized! Visit our nearest smog test center in Rancho Cucamonga for help.