• 5 Mistakes to Avoid While Registering Your Car

5 Mistakes to Avoid While Registering Your Car

5 Mistakes to Avoid While Registering Your Car Image

It has often been observed by us during A smog check in Rancho Cucamonga that many of our customers commit very silly mistakes, that are easily avoidable. As a matter of consequence, their carelessness leads to significant problems for them. They may end up facing law enforcement as well as confiscation of their vehicles.  

As it is a common practice that is prevalent amongst customers who resort to these blunders time and again, in this write-up we are sharing the list of the five leading mistakes that one must avoid during vehicle registration in California. 

Unavailability of Proper Documentation 

Almost ten percent of customers who visit the office of the Department of Motor Vehicles for DMV registration renewal, do not carry all the documents they require to complete the formalities and have to return to finish their incomplete work(s).  

We being one of the leading smog test centers in California believe that this is almost like a lack of enough funds for paying to renew a license or the non-availability of proof of auto insurance, that is required for registering a vehicle.  

Presently, amidst the global pandemic it’ll be even better if you refrain from visiting any office at all, and check out whether your transaction can be performed online, such as license renewal, the alteration of an address, vehicle registration renewal, changing a lost title, or paying a DRA or scheduling a road test. 

Ignore Updating Address 

You need to immediately report an address change if applicable to DMV within ten days of shifting. This is relevant for the address linked with your license, as well as all the addresses attached to every registered vehicle, which may differ accordingly. 

It’ll not be sufficient to write your new address only on the back of your old license or communicate with the United States Postal Service or inform the police officer issuing you a ticket. If you fail to keep your present address by mistake or sheer ignorance, you may receive a suspension order or may be penalized for running an unregistered vehicle and/or aggravated unlicensed operation. Both are considered to be acts of a felony. But, hopefully, you’ll agree that this situation is quite avoidable.

Lack of Idea Regarding Costs of Traffic Points 

DMV maintains a “point” system to trace reckless drivers. Often, motorists charged with a traffic ticket feel self-satisfied to have settled all their motoring issues with the local court. But they later discover that the Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA) is another DMV charge based on the total points they accumulate 

In $100 annual installments for three years, the DRA fee payable is $300. If a motorist fails to maintain an updated address with DMV, then they can settle their tickets with the court but cannot receive their DRA assessment as their new address are not on record. If you fail to pay the DRA, then it may cause the suspension of your license. 

Relocating Without Notifying Authorities 

You may fail to intimate the authorities while migrating from the state. Remember, that states do communicate with each other. After, you shift your base to another state, ensure that you tie up all loose ends regarding your state license or car registration renewal. It includes settling any unanswered tickets, suspensions, or revocations, and surrendering your license plates once you move to your new home state. 

A license suspension or revocation here could suggest that your new home state won’t issue you a license there too. That is why you must inform the DMV about your new address so that any possible mail correspondence is accessible to you. Turn in your plates to avoid an insurance lapse.

Letting Insurance to Laps 

Incidentally, most of the time people pay the price for accidents involving uninsured motorists. That is the reason why all the states in the USA mandate that every motorist must maintain auto insurance whenever a vehicle is registered. In collaboration with insurance companies, DMV electronically maintains surveillance of your insurance coverage. It can be comprehended whenever any coverage is dropped for some reason. DMV mails inquiry letters. Unfortunately, if the inquiry letter does not settle the problem, then the vehicle registration is suspended and if it persists, then your driver’s license will get suspended as well. On average, above 300,000 registrations are suspended every year due to their failure to maintain insurance. 


While people renew their car registration or purchase a new vehicle, a lot of these errors have been witnessed. That is why you need to be particular about all the necessary parameters. Feel free to visit our smog test center for any issue that you face.