• A Few Frequent Issues That Diesel Engines May Face Soon

A Few Frequent Issues That Diesel Engines May Face Soon

A Few Frequent Issues That Diesel Engines May Face Soon Image

Utility of Diesel Engines at Present  

Diesel-powered trucks and trains deliver the vast majority of the goods we consume, and diesel engines power the vast majority of the world’s construction, farming, and military vehicles and equipment.  

As a leading smog test center in Rancho Cucamonga, we agree that diesel fuel has many advantages as a transportation fuel, including high performance, efficiency, and safety. It has a higher energy density than other liquid fuels. This means that each unit of volume gives off more usable energy.  

The transportation sector in the United States used around 46.82 billion gallons (1.11 billion barrels), or about 128 million gallons per day, of distillate fuel (basically diesel fuel), in 2021. This quantity was equivalent to roughly 77% of total U.S. distillate consumption, 15% of overall U.S. petroleum consumption, and 25% of total U.S. energy consumption in the transportation sector.  

Most of the goods people use in their daily lives are transported using diesel-powered vehicles, railroads, boats, and barges. Public buses and school buses frequently use diesel fuel.  

Most farm and construction machinery in the United States runs on diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is vital to numerous industries, including the construction sector. Construction tasks that require lifting steel beams, digging foundations and trenches, drilling wells, paving roads, and moving earth can all be accomplished with the help of diesel engines.  

Diesel fuel is used in tanks and trucks by the United States military because it poses less of a risk of explosion than other fuels. Diesel engines also tend to be more reliable and less likely to stall than their gasoline-powered counterparts.  

Generators powered by diesel engines can also produce electrical power. Many factories, large buildings, institutions, hospitals, and electric utilities use diesel generators for backup power and power in case of an emergency.   

Common Problems Anticipated 

Even with all the benefits, we can see that diesel engines will soon have to deal with a few problems. At the very outset, remember that you can’t have a smog check engine light on when you go to do a smog test with us. Your diesel can never pass with a lit check engine light. 

Inability to Get the Engine Started  

Diesel engines require more cranking than gasoline engines to start, but once they do, they are quick to get rolling. The glow plugs may be worn out and unable to adequately heat the combustion chamber if your diesel engine is difficult to start. It’s also possible that the engine hasn’t been serviced in a long time. Our experience in auto & smog repair in Rancho Cucamonga says that it is challenging to start a diesel engine that has not been maintained.  

A Notable Drop in Strength  

If there is a problem with the delivery of gasoline to your diesel engine, you will also lose power and the ability to generate it. Clogged injectors or a dirty fuel filter are the most typical culprits behind a fuel delivery issue. That being said, power output will suffer if your diesel engine is over-lubricated. A loose throttle connection can potentially cause power loss and difficulty in production.  

Diesel fuel is a thick and energy-dense fuel that has been contaminated. Because of this, it has excellent gas mileage. Contamination can be an issue due to its thickness. Glycol, water, and soot are all potential contaminants of gasoline. During auto air conditioning repair in Rancho Cucamonga, we observed that the engine will be damaged if the tainted fuel is accidentally pumped into it.  

Degraded Motor Oil  

Additionally, oxidized motor oil is another threat to your diesel engine. The diesel car will experience this condition if it is not driven for an extended period. As the diesel engine runs, the oil will become contaminated with air bubbles and lose efficiency. Therefore, driving the car while the oil is oxidized will cause damage to the diesel engine.  

Black Smoke from the Tailpipe  

Black smoke will billow from the tailpipe of your diesel vehicle if the fuel-to-air ratio is too high in the combustion chamber. A clogged air filter might be the cause of a rich fuel mixture. Similarly, leaking fuel injectors will cause an increase in combustion chamber fuel levels. It’s also possible that your EGR valve is malfunctioning or that your turbocharger is broken.  


Rancho Smog Center is the place to take your diesel-powered vehicle for maintenance and repairs. Diesel engines are a regular focus of our skilled specialists’ efforts. We often address the issues detailed below with diesel engines. Have no fear. If you need service for a diesel engine in Rancho Cucamonga, California we can help.  

If your diesel car is doing any of these things, don’t wait to search for “smog repair near me” on Google to get in touch with us right away about making an appointment.