• Smog Check Requirements Explained

Smog Check Requirements Explained

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Do you own any vehicles in Rancho Cucamonga? If yes, then you must be aware of  

the state of California’s smog check requirements to comply with all compliance policies.  

Rancho Cucamonga is a significant city in California, as we all know. However, smog checks of any kind aren’t difficult in Rancho Cucamonga, especially with smog test centers like ours. You can now reduce the time it takes to complete cheap smog tests, allowing you to save money and increase vehicle uptime. 

Concept Of Smog Checks 

Many people are unaware that smog checks are government-sponsored programs that are used to identify vehicles that emit unrestricted tailpipe emissions.  

These programs, which were established shortly after the passage of the Clean Air  

Act in 1966, is intended to reduce air pollution and vehicle emissions while also 

 improving the air quality of the region. This will help you comply with local emissions regulations. 

The Cost of Failing a Smog Check 

In most cases, if you do not pass a smog check, you will be unable to complete the formalities of your vehicle’s registration renewal, making it illegal to drive until you pass the  smog check test. 

You can rest assured that smog tests in Rancho Cucamonga go off without a hitch.  

There are ways to renew your registration and drive legally once your vehicle has passed inspection. 

The Price of a Smog Check 

A smog check can cost between $30 and $60 on average. When your vehicle passes the smog test, our smog check administrator gives you authority by handing you a state-issued sticker to display on your dashboard, indicating that your vehicle passed the smog test. 

The entity in charge of administering the Smog Check Program

The California Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR)  

administers the California Smog Check Program in Rancho Cucamonga and throughout the state of California, and there are over 7,000 state-licensed and autonomous smog check stations throughout the state. 

Most importantly, the California STAR Program is a certification program designed specifically for Test-Only Stations, Repair Stations, and Test-and-Repair Smog Check Stations that promote high-polluting vehicles. 

Who Needs a Smog Check in Rancho Cucamonga? 

The California Smog Check Program requires that vehicles manufactured in 1976 or  

later participate in the biennial smog check program in participating counties, not just in Rancho Cucamonga. If you live in any of the California counties, you must  

have a smog inspection performed by the Department of Motor Vehicles when renewing your vehicle registration.  

If you’re looking for an authentic smog check location, the California Bureau of Automotive Repair has a simple auto shop locator for shops that are authorized STAR stations. To find a genuine one like us, go to Google and type smog check near me.  

You can also complete the smog check procedure at your local California DMVWhat to Expect During Your Smog Check Inspection? 

Your vehicle must pass all segments of the smog check inspection to receive a  

genuine smog certificate. A smog check may include one or more of the following tests: 

  1. An adequate assessment of the vehicle’s check engine light, exhaust gas  

recirculation system, fuel evaporative system, gas cap, and ignition timing. 

  1. Evaluation of emission control components and systems visually 
  1. Emissions testing or tailpipe emissions inspection 
  1. The On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) system of the vehicle was tested for functionality. 
  1. Exemptions from Smog Checks for Vehicles 

There are several exemptions to the California smog check program, all of which  

apply to Rancho Cucamonga.  

These exemptions apply to newer vehicles, older vehicles, hybrid vehicles, electric  

vehicles, and other types of vehicles.  

Exemptions are available for the following vehicles: 

A gasoline-powered vehicle from 1975 or earlier, including motorcycles and trailers 

  1. Diesel-powered vehicle, i.e., one manufactured in 1997 or earlier, or one with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of more than 14,000 pounds 
  1. Natural gas-powered and weighing more than 14,000 pounds 
  1. A vehicle that runs on electricity 
  1. Gasoline-powered and less than eight model years old 
  1. Furthermore, vehicles eight years old or younger are exempt from a biennial 

smog check beginning in January 2019.  

Fortunately for you, if your vehicle qualifies, you will not be required to have a smog  

check or pay a smog abatement or smog transfer fee of $25 per year. 

Get Ready for the Smog Check Inspection 

To pass on the first try, complete the following formalities ahead of time: 

1. Turn off your check engine light. 

2. Travel at highway speeds in your vehicle. 

3. If the oil needs to be changed, replace it. 

4. Check to see if your vehicle is tuned up. 

5. Request a pre-inspection. 


Check with us first to see if your vehicle is eligible for a smog check in Rancho  Cucamonga.  

If not, there is no need to worry because we are here to assist you.  

If so, do everything in your power to pass the exam on the first try.  

If you require any additional assistance, please contact us!