License Plate Renewal with Tags

Image For License Plate Renewal with Tags Service

License Plate Renewal with Tags

We offer license plate renewal service along with tags.

Image For License Plate Renewal with Tags Service
Image For License Plate Renewal with Tags Service

Our renewal service includes

  • District Residency and Documentation for Vehicle Registrations
  • DMV-issued vehicle tags
  • Vehicle Registration Renewals
  • 45-day temporary vehicle registration
  • Hard vehicle renewal tags
  • Registration Card Replacements


We offer renewal services for your vehicle’s registration and tags. If you drive a car on the roads then you should have a valid registration form the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), else you will be penalized for not abiding the state law. Also, if you have purchased a used car then the process of ownership transfer requires some time and that could be for 1 month to 1 and half months. To drive your vehicle in between this period, you should apply for a 45-day’s temporary vehicle registration offered by the DMV.

Also, you should collect a hard tag for your vehicle for temporary registration before your ownership transfer is processes. This will provide the permission to drive your vehicle until the ownership transfer process is completed. Apart from that you need to renew your registration and tags once in every two years along with the smog check. So, contact us for the renewal services of your vehicles and tags and drive your vehicle without any compliance.

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