FASTag Purchase and Renewal Service

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FASTag Purchase and Renewal Service

We offer Fastag application and renewal service so you can save time while on a journey.

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The FASTag purchase or renewal requirements

  • FASTag Application form
  • A valid Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • Pay the security deposit
  • Recharge with the specified minimum balance

FASTag is very simple to use and that saves considerable time on the road. This is a rechargeable tag that enables automatic deduction of toll charges from your prepaid account and lets you pass through the toll plaza. If you have a FASTag in your vehicle then you can pay the toll charges from that and you won’t have to stop your vehicle for the cash transaction. You can recharge your FASTag as you like from your bank account.

You need to collect and fill up the FASTag application form and then submit it along with your Vehicle Registration Certificate, id, and the security deposit. We provide FASTag application and renewal service along with the other services and from us, you will get the FASTag in your vehicle almost instantly and the same for the FASTag renewal. In case you can’t use your FASTag we will provide the assistance to get it activated so you can save some time from your busy schedule by avoiding the traffic at the toll plaza.

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